Authentic Ezme - Spicy Turkish Salsa Story



This authentic Turkish Ezme (Acili Ezme) takes just 15 minutes to make and is super healthy loaded with veggies and not much else.

It's a delicious spicy sauce, salad, dip and meze that you will want to have with everything

Authentic Ezme - Spicy Turkish Salsa

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- tomatos - yellow onion - red pepper - chili flakes - olive oil - pomegranate molasses - garlic - parsley - lemon juice - tomato paste - red pepper paste  


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1. Place chopped onion together with Padrón peppers and bell peppers in a food processor.


Run the food processor  for 15 seconds, then check if the pieces are small enough. It should be very well chopped at this point! If not, run it again


 Add chopped cucumber

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