with Buffalo flavors!

Quick, easy & delicious - a perfect Friday night dinner!

This Chicken Quesadilla recipe is the best of two worlds - spicy Buffalo sauce & cheesy quesadillas all in a handy package. Easy to make in 30 minutes , and can be made with raw chicken, leftover chicken or  store bought rotisserie chicken.

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"We had these for dinner last night and they were incredible! They will definitely be on our regular rotation!" - Jessica


3 Tbsp butter 1 lb bone-less chicken ½ tsp garlic powder ½ tsp onion powder ½ cup hot sauce 2 handfuls spinach 8 flour tortillas 1 cup shredded cheese

Sear chicken in butter, then add hot sauce together with more butter for a creamy sauce

Add a few handfuls of spinach, it will look like a lot but quickly wilt!

Cook until spinach is wilted - you will see how much less it seems now

Place a tortilla in a hot pan. Flip after 30 seconds and top with cheese.

Add chicken to one side of the tortilla

Fold the cheese-only side over the cheese-and-chicken side and cook for 30 seconds

Flip and cook 30 seconds on the other side

Repeat until they are all done!

Serve with blue cheese sauce or ranch dressing, and enjoy!

Who will you treat to some buffalo chicken quesadillas tonight?

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