Quick Air Fryer recipe!


With only a handful of ingredients and just 10 minutes, these air fryer potato skins will quickly become a new favorite! Seasoned with garlic and Worcestershire sauce with a taste of sharp, gooey cheese in every bite, these potato skins make the perfect appetizer!


Baking Potatoes Olive Oil Butter Garlic Powder Worcestershire Sauce Shredded Cheese Lemon Juice Sour Cream Scallions

Bake the potatoes and then cut into quarters.

Scoop out most of the potato, leaving some potato with the skins.

Mix all of the seasonings and butter together and brush all the sides of the potato skins.

Place the seasoned skins in the air fryer and top with cheese, then bake.

Serve the potato skins with sour cream and scallions and enjoy!

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