It's easier than you think!

"This is such a great recipe, the duck was perfectly cooked, with crispy skin, and the sauce was to die for. Surprisingly easy to make as well." - Sophie

Duck with orange sauce might seem fancy - but it's one of the easiest dishes you can make, and it's great to prep ahead Just follow along with  my step-by-step photos & video!

Duck Breasts Garlic Cloves Oranges Honey Ground Black Pepper Salt Fresh Thyme


Cut a criss-cross pattern in the skin of the duck

Pat dry & season with salt & pepper on both sides

Render off the fat by cooking skin-side down

When the skin is crispy and most of the fat is gone - flip them and sear

Then make the sauce - add a bit of duck fat and the rest of the ingredients to a pan

Simmer for 5-10 minutes, until reduced by half

Place duck breasts in an oven safe pan, brush with the sauce and insert a thermometer.

Cook in the middle of the oven at 350°F (175°C) for 5-10 minutes - until inner temp is 137°F (58°C)

Bring out, wrap in foil, and rest for at least 5 minutes.

Slice it and serve with the orange sauce. Enjoy!

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