Enjoy a non-alcoholic Grinch Punch without Sherbet this holiday season - it's easy to make and has just the right balance of sweet and sour with just a touch of bitterness. The cute red salted rim is just another reason why this mocktail is always a hit.

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Anything this easy could not be good. I was so wrong. My whole family flipped for this recipe! I was so shocked how easy and good it was. This is a keeper. - Joy


Red Salt fine table salt red food coloring Green Punch ½ lemon (juice and rind) 2 drops green food coloring ⅔ cups Sprite ice

Make the red salt by mixing salt with just a little bit of red food coloring. Then rub the rim of a glass with a lemon wedge and dip in the salt.

Add lemon rind to the glass

Smash the lemon rind using a muddler, a fork, or the handle of a wooden spoon. The point is to release some of those bitter & fragrant oils in the rind.

Squeeze in fresh lemon juice

Add green food coloring


Top with Sprite

Serve your Grinch Punch, and enjoy!

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