Lussekatter is the most vital part of a Swedish Christmas! Made in time for Saint Lucia day they're eaten all through the holidays, and usually made in the traditional shape shown here. This is my 100% authentic, tried and tested, all-time best recipe - and it's easy to make without quark and nuts.

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1 tablespoon saffron threads 1 teaspoon sugar 2 tablespoon rum (optional) 1.75 oz fresh yeast 2 cups + 2 Tbsp milk ⅘ cups salted butter ¾ cups sugar 7 cups flour 80 raisins 1 egg

Crumble yeast in a large mixing bowl

Add milk and mix until the yeast has been dissolved

Add butter and mix again. The butter will not get entirely mixed in with the milk, but try to "smash" it a bit with your spoon. It will all come together later!

Mix in sugar

Pour in saffron that you've mixed with a little bit of sugar and alcohol (or water).

Mix - and don't worry, the butter still won't dissolve completely. That's normal!

Start adding flour a little at a time, and mix it in before adding more

When it starts getting hard to mix with the spoon, use your hands

When all the flour has been added, knead the dough for at least 10 more minutes. It will start out a bit wet to the touch but when done it should release easily from the sides of the bowl.

Cover, and set aside to rise for about 60 minutes, until doubled in size

After 60 minutes the dough should have doubled in size, and feel elastic when touched

Time to make Lussekatter! Creat this shape by rolling out a piece of dough and then twisting the ends in opposite directions.

Place the buns on a lined baking sheet, and add two raisins to each bun - in the middle of each "swirl".  Then cover and set aside to rise for 30 minutes until about 50% bigger.

Almost done now! After rising again, brush the buns with a beaten egg. Then bake for 8 minutes at 400°F (200°C).

All done! Store in plastic bags in room temperature for a few days, or cool down almost entirely and freeze to keep them for months.

Enjoy with a cup of glögg for the ultimate Swedish experience!