Made without drippings!

Making turkey gravy without drippings is so easy - and it still comes out thick and rich and full of flavor. Excellent for Thanksgiving and the holidays!

2 Tbsp butter 2 Tbsp flour 2 chicken stock cubes 3 cups boiling hot water ¼ tsp ground black pepper 3 Tbsp heavy cream (optional) 1 tsp balsamic vinegar 1 tsp dark soy sauce (optional) Thanksgiving Turkey Seasoning ½ tsp dried thyme ½ tsp dried rosemary ½ tsp dried sage


"Absolutely delicious! Who knew such a simple recipe could be so amazing! Will definitely be making this again." - Lara

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Melt butter over medium heat and allow to brown slightly.

Start adding flour, slowly, and mix until no lumps are left before adding more.

Cook the roux for at least 1 minute, you want it to be light brown in color, then add pepper.

Start adding chicken stock, a little at a time.

Mix well and make sure all lumps are gone before adding more stock.

When all stock is added, mix in the dried herbs.

Simmer to thicken to your desired consistency, then add cream.

Remove from the heat and add balsamic vinegar + soy sauce.

Mix well, and you are done!

Serve with Thanksgiving turkey, or a piece of chicken. Either way, no one will know you made it without drippings!

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