Hands-off, no-stir recipe!


Make the best easy no-stir Mushroom Truffle Risotto in under 40 minutes. Loaded with flavor from mushrooms, white truffle oil and white wine it's the perfect dinner for Valentine's Day!


Butter Shallots & Garlic Mushrooms Parmesan Cheese White Wine Risotto Rice Mushroom Stock Truffle Oil Lemon Parsley

Fry chopped shallots & whole garlic cloves in butter

Add shredded mushrooms & more butter, and cook for a few minutes to allow the mushrooms to absorb the butter

Add the risotto rice and cook until pan is almost dry

Pour in wine and cook until almost all of it has evaporated

Add stock & simmer for 16 minutes - stir once to mix well, and then do not stir until it's done!

When almost all liquid is gone, and the rice is al dente, mix in shredded Parmesan cheese

Follow with truffle oil

Mix well, taste test, and top with parsley! Serve with lemon wedges on the side.

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