with Crispy Fried Capers


This quick & easy Salmon Tartare recipe with smoked salmon is the perfect prep ahead appetizer. Delicious and sophisticated, seasoned with spicy French Dijon mustard and a hint of rum, and topped with crispy fried capers.


½ lb salmon ½ lb cold smoked salmon 6 tsp Dijon mustard 4 tsp rum 4 tsp lemon juice 4 Tbsp dill 4 Tbsp parsley ½ tsp white pepper 1 red onion ½ organic lemon 4 handfuls arugula 4 Tbsp small capers olive oil

"Absolutely delicious! Who knew such a simple recipe could be so amazing! Will definitely be making this again." - Lara

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Fry capers in oil for a few minutes.

Place on a kitchen towel to soak up excess oil and add some crisp.

Mix together all ingredients for the salmon tartare - you can leave part of the seasonings to serve on the side.

Pack in small glasses or bowls and place covered in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

To plate, place the salmon tartare on top of arugula on a plate. Top with fried capers and add extra seasonings on the side.

You can make the tartare up to 2 days ahead of time, and let it sit in the fridge! Plate just before serving.

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