Tasty 15- Minute Creme Fraiche Carbonara With Bacon



Crème Fraîche Carbonara is the best way to fake your way to a carbonara - with bacon and parmesan cheese this is just as tasty as the original, but easier to make and with more staple-friendly ingredients.

This dish is one of those true and tested recipes that I've made for years. It's a quick way to get a delicious dinner on the table, and while not an authentic carbonara - it tastes just as good.

15-Minute Creme Fraiche Carbonara With Bacon

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- uncooked pasta - leeks - bacon - Crème fraîche - shredded parmesan - ground black pepper


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Place your diced or sliced bacon in a cold pan, and then place the pan over medium-high heat.


Cook for about 5 minutes, until the bacon looks done. It shouldn't be crispy or too brown - just cooked.


Then add the chopped leeks and mix. Cook for another two minutes.

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