Easy Christmas cocktail!


This super easy Christmas Sangria is the perfect spiced Christmas cocktail, with all the great flavor and easy prep of a regular Sangria. Just grab a bottle of spicy red wine, some orange juice, soda water, and your Christmas spices.

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"...so refreshing and tasty. The entire group loved it and I plan on making it again during the holidays. Bookmarked. - Heidy


2 orange wedges 10 whole cloves 1 cinnamon stick 3 ounces spicy red wine 3 ounces orange juice 1.5 ounces soda water ice

Stick the cloves in the peel of the orange wedges, and place one of the wedges and the cinnamon stick in a wine glass

Pour over red wine

Add orange juice

Give it a good stir, then allow to sit an infuse for at least 30 minutes

Just before serving, add an ice cube

Top with soda water

Decorate with the other orange wedge, and serve!

Making it for a crowd? Mix red wine, orange juice, orange wedges with cloves and cinnamon sticks in a punch bowl or jug, and pour over ice just before serving. Top with soda water!

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