Quick & easy dinner recipe!


with lemon, tomatoes & potatoes

Here's a delicious foil pack dinner idea you can make in just 35 minutes. Loaded cod and potatoes and flavors from lemon, tomato and basil this is a complete meal in one  package! Super quick and easy to make - with just 5 minutes of prep.

"My first of your recipes but definitely not the last! Thank you - no more battered cod for us!" - Patricia

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4 potatoes 2/3 lb frozen cod 1 tomato 1.5 lemon (juice & slices) 10 fresh basil leaves 2 Tbsp butter fresh ground black pepper 1 tsp sea salt flakes

Place a piece of butter on aluminium foil

On top of the butter, build a stack of potato slices, tomato slices and lemon slices

Top with frozen cod and season with ground black pepper & sea salt flakes

Squeeze over lemon juice

Top with fresh basil leaves

Wrap it all up, place on a baking tray, and cook for  25 minutes at 440°F (225°C)

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