Get your 5-a-day in one glass with this delicious avocado smoothie. Made with broccoli, spinach and so much delicous flavor you won't even taste the veggies. Make it with fresh or frozen fruits and veggies - just use what you have.

"I love smoothies and I’ve had a hard time incorporating some of my favorite vegetables - but you’ve taken care of that with this one! Thanks so much for a delicious smoothie recipe." - Jen

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"Pack in enough other big, bold flavours and you can make people drink broccoli without them realising it." - The Guardian article featuring this recipe

1/2 avocado 1/2 cup broccoli 1 handful spinach 1/2 carrot 1/2 cup pineapple 1 tsp fresh ginger 1/2 lemon (juice only) 1 cup water


Place all the fruits & vegetables except the lemon in a high-powered blender

Squeeze in the lemon juice

Add half of the water

Mix until everything is well combined and no solid pieces remain, then add the rest of the water

Mix again & add more water as needed to get the consistency you want. Then pour in a nice glass!

Add a straw and serve immediately!

Sip & enjoy!

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