Homemade Chicken Patties

Make the best & juiciest Chicken Patties in the Air Fryer with a quick prep, a few easy steps, and 10 minutes of air frying. No chopping required thanks to powdered seasonings - and extra juicy with fresh lemon juice.

1 lb ground chicken ½ tsp onion powder ½ tsp garlic powder ½ tsp fine table salt ¼ tsp ground black pepper ½ tsp Worcestershire sauce 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 egg ¼ cup breadcrumbs 1 tsp olive oil


"As a beginner in the airfryers world, these instructions were awesome; perfectly detailed and the result was amazing. Thanks for sharing" - Carla

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Place ground chicken and seasonings in a bowl and mix well.

Add breadcrumbs and a whisked egg.

Mix until everything is well combined, then cover and refrigerate 30 minutes or longer.

Divide mixture into 4 and roll into balls.

Brush air fryer basket with oil, then place balls in basket and brush with oil. Press with a spatula to create a patty.

Air fry 10 minutes at 375°F, until cooked through. Flip halfway!

Serve in hamburger buns or with the side of your choice.

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