Quick dinner recipe!


Make this Instant Pot Chicken Soup in just over an hour for a flavor packed and cosy dinner. Creamy with a light spicy kick, this soup is just the comfort food you need.


Butter Garlic Bell Pepper White Mushrooms Whole Chicken Heavy Cream Chili Flakes Chili Powder

With the pressure cooker on sauté mode, add in the butter and garlic.

Add in the chopped bell peppers, mushrooms and olive oil and sauté.

Turn off the pressure cooker and add in the chicken, water, salt and pepper. Seal and cook.

Once cooked, remove the chicken and let cool. Switch to sauté mode, then add the cream and chili seasonings and simmer.

Once the chicken is cooled, remove the meat and shred it. Add to the soup and allow to warm up before serving!

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