top view of three glasses filled with cranberry ginger ale punch

Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch

This sparkling Cranberry Ginger Ale punch is easy to make for a crowd and perfect for all your Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. Loved by kids & adults alike, it's equally delicious when kept non alcoholic as it is spiked with a hint of vodka, gin or bourbon.
Course Aperitif, Cocktails, Drinks, Mocktails
Cuisine American, Cocktails, Drinks, Mocktails, non-alcoholic
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute
Servings 1 mocktail
Cost $0.5



  • frozen cranberries or lingonberries optional
  • 3 cl ginger juice
  • 10 cl cranberry juice
  • 5 cl ginger ale


  • Place your frozen cranberries or lingonberries in a champagne flute. Pour over the ginger juice, cranberry juice and ginger ale. Serve immediately!


Frequently asked questions

Can I add alcohol?

Absolutely! Try gin to build on the foresty flavor of the cranberries or go for bourbon, vodka, rum or something more exotic like cachaca. Or even champagne!
I'd stay away from heavily flavored spirits though, such as fernet - it will just take over and you wont be able to taste the ginger or cranberry.

Can I prep this punch ahead of time?

Yes, this punch is perfect to prep ahead! Just mix your ginger juice and cranberry juice in the champagne flutes, a punch bowl or a large pitcher and then top up with ginger ale straight in the glasses just before serving.

What ginger juice should I use?

You can make your own ginger juice, or buy it premade. Take care though how much ginger is actually in there. If it is not 100% ginger it will give less spice - so then you might want to use more, depending on your taste.

What cranberry juice should I use?

I use Ocean Spray cranberry juice, but most brands will work for this recipe.

What ginger ale should I use?

I used Schweppes Ginger Ale to create this recipe, which is a pretty sweet ginger ale. For a less sweet mocktail, choose a ginger ale with less sweetness.