Quick side recipe!


This "Caulislaw" mixes cauliflower, carrots & red onions with a perfectly balanced mayonnaise dressing. It's the perfect side for your next barbecue, or why not top your burgers with it? Quick, healthy and low in carbs it's a versatile side you'll be coming back to over and over again.

"Great recipe! Love coleslaw, so it was a great idea for me. Crunchy, tasty and easy to make." - eatbetterfeelhappy

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Cauliflower Red Onion Carrots Mayonnaise Milk Dijon Mustard Lemon Juice

Slice all of your vegetables and combine them in a large bowl.

Combine all of the dressing ingredients in a small container. Seal it, then shake to mix everything together.

Pour over half of the dressing on the vegetables and mix. Then add the rest of the dressing and mix again.

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