lamb meatballs on a plate

Lamb Meatballs with Lemon & Cilantro

Quick and easy to make and full of delicious lemon & cilantro flavor these Lamb Meatballs work just as well next to a pie of mashed potatoes as they do as an appetizer or as part of a buffet. A staple in my home, I've made these little gems since I learned how to cook - and they are sure to never disappoint.
Course Main Course
Cuisine European
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 35 meatballs
Calories 50kcal


  • 500 g minced lamb
  • 2 Tbsp lemon juice fresh pressed, 1/2 lemon = about 2 Tbsp
  • 1.5 dl fresh cilantro chopped, loosely packed - 1.5 dl = about 20 g
  • 1 egg
  • 0.5 dl breadcrumbs
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • 0.25 tsp black pepper
  • 0.5 Tbsp butter
  • 0.5 Tbsp vegetable oil


  • Mix together all ingredients except butter & vegetable oil.
  • Heat butter and vegetable oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat. Make one small test patty and fry in the pan. Taste test and adjust the seasoning if needed.
  • Once satisfied with the seasoning, make the meatballs. Try to make them as even in size as possible for easier frying.
  • Fry the meatballs in two batches for about 6 minutes. Turn often to ensure a good sear on all sides. The meatballs are finished when they have a good sear and an even white color inside.
  • Serve with mashed potatoes or another side of your choice, or serve as an appetizer or as part of a buffet spread.


Calories: 50kcal | Carbohydrates: 1g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 3g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 10mg | Sodium: 55mg | Potassium: 56mg | Vitamin A: 295IU | Vitamin C: 1.5mg | Calcium: 8mg | Iron: 0.4mg