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10 Best Homemade Food Gifts

If you’re looking to step up your gift-giving game this holiday season, then this is the guide for you. These 10 Homemade Food Gifts are sure to impress and delight, and there is one for just about any amount of time you have at your disposal. Make them as Christmas gifts, bring along as host and hostess gifts or just make them for yourself. I know I’m making at least #1, #5 and #9!

10 homemade food gifts collage

So, you want to make a food gift to bring to that Holiday party? Well, of course! How much time do you have?

1. 5 minutes: Homemade Chai Masala for Chai Latte

homemade chai masala in a jar

Make this quick & easy Chai Masala, place in a pretty jar with some green cardamom pods (if you can get them, otherwise just skip them) and some cinnamon sticks. Tack on a note with instructions for making Chai Latte and you’re all set!

2. 5 minutes: Festive Tea Blend

festive tea blend

Maybe Chai isn’t your thing but you’re still a tea lover? Then this Festive Tea Blend filled with minty, chocolaty, spicy flavors from Family Friends Food is the way to go instead!

3. 15 minutes: Indian Apple Ginger Chutney

easy apple chutney in a jar

Still got fall apples left? Continue on the Indian track and make the most of them with this Indian Apple Ginger Chutney from Easy Cooking with Molly. Maybe to go with the Chai Latte?

4. 20 minutes: Spicy Mexican Chocolate Liqueur

spicy mexican chocolate liqueur

I know none of my friends would say no to getting alcohol as gifts! But gifting your own homemade Spicy Mexican Chocolate Liqueur is so much more fun than just buying a bottle of wine. Recipe from She Keeps a Lovely Home.

5. 60 minutes: Bacon Bourbon Jam

bacon bourbon jam

Yeah I don’t think this needs any more explanation than: Bacon. Bourbon. Jam. You know it’s gotta be good. I know I’m making this Bacon Bourbon Jam from Biscuits and Burlap, but I might just keep it all to myself.

6. 2 hours: Candied Ginger

This Candied Ginger basically cooks itself, and is the perfect grown-up sweet & spicy snack. Just as great on its own as it is for topping cupcakes, cookies, truffles and basically anything that needs a punch of ginger.

7. Half a day: DIY Finishing Salts

finishing salts

Now, when gifting something to a real hardcore foodie you might just be better off giving them something to cook with than something you cooked. That’s when these pretty DIY Finishing Salts from Beyond Mere Sustenance come in handy. Oh, and non-foodies will definitely appreciate them as well!

8. A day: Orange Marmelade

orange marmelade in a jar

Can’t talk Homemade gifts without a good marmelade, right? This Orange Marmelade from Beyond The Chicken Coop looks absolutely delicious and will definitely do the trick!

9. A few days: Spiced Duck Rillettes

duck rillettes

I can’t even write about it without drooling – these Spiced Duck Rillettes from Garlic & Zest will definitely be on my Christmas Smörgåsbord. Just not sure I’ll be able to spare any for gifts…

10. A few weeks: Infused Olive Oil

infused olive oil

So infusing olive oil is maybe the quickest & easiest of all these food gifts when it comes to execution, but it needs a few weeks for the flavors to, well, infuse. So either make them well ahead of time or stick a note on that says not to use until January. Either way, these Infused Olive Oils from  Gourmet Project are sure to be a hit!

So those are my tips for homemade food gifts – which ones are your favorites? What food gifts do you enjoy making? I’d love to know – just drop a comment below. And if you try any of these – please tag me on Instagram @alwaysusebutter and use the hashtag #alwaysusebutter. A special recipe you really love? Go give the creator some love as well!

2 thoughts on “10 Best Homemade Food Gifts”

  • What a beautiful collection of foodie gifts you’ve put together here! Thank you for including my DIY Finishing Salts. I love them all, but the Spiced Duck Rillettes are calling my name! Happy Holidays Emmeline!

    • Thank you, Tamara! Yes, the spiced duck rillettes sound so amazing… I will definitely have to make them, just have to find a whole duck first! And your DIY Finishing Salts are such a great idea – I think I might make them as a christmas gift for my sister (hope she’s not reading this! :))

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